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Machining Works

As a specialized service, supported by state-of-the-art equipment and with the partial or total intervention of all its areas, the complex is today in a position to manufacture any type of metal-mechanical part and structure, reaching the most demanding quality levels on the market.


Metalworking of Spare Parts

Oriented towards the replacement of imports of spare parts for machines, in some cases they have created fixed production lines and uninterrupted manufacturing, achieving excellent replacement times.



Pantograph cutting

Cuts of 2.50 meters wide and up to 6 meters long can be made, 300 mm thick in SAE 1010-1020 Sheets or up to 30 mm in stainless steel, for which we have a permanent stock of sheets.


Comprehensive Repairing

This service, a product of our technological evolution, includes analysis, diagnosis, engineering, manufacturing and replacement of parts for Industrial Equipment.


Close up on filament spelling out idea

Ideas factory

A service that adapts to the specific needs of each client, satisfying orders for any type of piece not available in the shopping center. We take care of the entire project: from design and measurement to manufacturing.

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